Supreme Master and Vice Supreme Master


Knights of Columbus


My Brother Knight:

Congratulations on receiving the honors of Knighthood in our Order!

As an active member of the Knights of Columbus, you and your family will have increased opportunities for service to our Church and your community. These opportunities are greatly enhanced when you accept our invitation to join the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus.

When you accept our invitation to join the Patriotic Degree, you will stand by those that have fought to keep our country free. You will learn of the accomplishments of those who have formed our great country and those who have fought and died to ensure our freedom.

At a time when too few Christians are prepared to speak up for what they believe, Fourth Degree Knights are steadfast in keeping God in the civic arena; unyielding in the support of laws that recognize the sanctity of life; and are staunch defenders and protectors of true religious liberty.

I am personally inviting you to join the Patriotic Degree and I look forward to be able to address you as Sir Knight in the near future.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Dennis J. Stoddard,
Supreme Master


Dennis J Stoddard
Supreme Master

Knights of Columbus


Matt Maly

Matt Maly
Vice Supreme Master
Our Lady of Guadalupe Province

Jurisdictions in the Province:

  • Oklahoma
  • Texas